The Loire valley a UNESCO world heritage site.

The exceptional heritage, the vineyards, fairy tale castles, Michelin star restaurants & stunning countryside on offer to the traveller, make the Loire valley a destination unforgettable.

Situated on the Loire river with it's 10th century château dominating the town. Saumur,  a pretty town with small boutiques,  restaurants, cafes and bars.

Take  a trip on the river on one of the ancient 'Gabares' . Watch the swans go by, have lunch on the river boat restaurant and enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

For wine lovers,  this region has some of the oldest vineyards in France.  Try 'Les fines bulles de Loire' at the many  wineries  of Ackerman, Bouvet-Ladubay, Moet and Chandon.

The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud founded in 1101, is one of the largest surviving monastic  buildings in Europe. A fascinating & interesting place full of history. It was run by an abbess, who gave shelter to men & woman. Eleanor of Aquitaine spent the end of her life there. The nave displays the four reclining  effigies of the Plantagenet  dynasty: Eleanor, her husband Henri II  and their son Richard the Lionheart. In the 18th century the abbey became a prison on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte. Today it is a calm and reflective  place to be. The newly opened Modern Art Museum houses the private art collection of  Martine & Léon Cligman who donated over 500 works to the region.

The pretty village with bars and restaurants is worth a visit.

Candes-saint-Martin one of the pretty riverside villages to visit, a short stroll from Le Seize. The narrow streets lined with pretty houses made from local 'Tuffeau' stone. The 11th century church and the small artisanal boutiques,  makes this charming village, a must see.

Le Thoureil a pretty riverside village north of Saumur. Pretty fisherman's houses face the river, there is a restaurant & cafe/bistrot. Lovely place to take a stroll. 

Le Cadre Noir Saumur a French National Riding school. Watch the professional trainers at work at this elite riding school.

Minutes from Le Seize,  the  château of Montsoreau  (15th century). The château was the inspiration for Alexander Dumas novel  La Dame de Montsoreau. The interior houses some contemporary art. 

The views from the top are amazing.

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Le Thoureil

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