The Loire valley, UNESCO world heritage site.

The exceptional heritage, the vineyards, fairy tale castles, Michelin star restaurants and stunning countryside on offer to the traveller, make the Loire valley, a destination unforgettable. In the summer months, there is always something happening around Montsoreau. Take a slower pace, cycle the many routes along the river or deep in the verdant countryside. Taking in, small pretty villages, vineyards and nature.

Keeping it Local...

Enjoy the beauty of Montsoreau from the water on a "gabares" a traditional boat which floats low in the water. Sedately floating along the Loire river, sharing a glass of local wine or perhaps a gourmet meal, while the sun is setting.

Taste the Loire fine sparkling wines from the wine houses of Veuve Amiot, Gratien & Meyer, Ackerman & Bouvet-Ladubay. In some of the caves of the wines houses, there are contemporary art works, informative videos and   

games. A journey that takes you through the vast troglo caves, showing details of the making of these iconic wines. Discover the diversity of the different grape varieties, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon & chenin.

Still on the subject of discovery; did you know that  Triple Sec  the "Original Combier orange liqueur" was developed and distilled in Saumur for the past 150 years? In the oldest distillery in the Loire Valley, you can take a tour through the 19th century installation and sample the Gin Meridor, a London dry gin, which won a Gold medal in San Francisco, 2018. The gin was created by Franck Choisne, owner & master distiller. With the edition to the recipe of botanicals, roses & elderflower, the taste is unique. It is worth taking home a bottle or two just for the superb blue and pink, vintage gilt edged labelling alone! A tasting session also includes sampling, absinthes, syrups, sometimes in a cocktail! Small sample bottles are also available, so you can create your own cocktails at home.

Love mushrooms? Walking distance to the troglodytic dwellings of the "La champignonniére du Saut aux Loups" where you can buy locally cultivated mushrooms, visit the mushroom like sculptures in the caves, eat in the restaurant from the mushroom-themed menu! Mmmm, love them!